New space, new ideas, same person

I had a blog. I barely maintained it, but it was here:

I’ll maintain that I wrote some good stuff, some bad stuff, and some stuff that could do with some serious editing.

So what was the point of writing? Why did I start it?

Initially, the blog’s purpose was for me to dump games writing in. That was my original foray into writing (that and fiction)

Over time I find myself enjoying more political and philosophical posts. But the old space still had the old vibe, and I really want to put that in the past.

So what’s this blog going to focus on?

life, mostly.

This space is about the world we live in, the universe, and what it means to be a part of it. Very abstract, I suppose.

But no one else is doing it, or at least, doing it from a prospective I think needs to be covered.

I won’t say keep an eye on this space – my commitment is terrible. But I’ll keep this place updated with comments about this world: politics, work, life, why the hell we’re here, and other bits.

I’ll even try to be a bit witty.

No promises though.



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