Forgetting to Remember

This is a re-post of a previous piece I did two years ago from my old blog ( I’m pretty proud of this one, so I’m sharing it again as I feel it fits the theme of what I’m trying to do with Observations from Afar.   So this weekend was Tankfest. For those that […]

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Surfing and Byron Bay

Another week, another set of changes. I left Sydney behind, moving onto Spot X, near Woolgoolga (no I did not have a stroke – that’s the name). And it looks a little like this: Pure Paradise this. After 10 hours in the night, where you’re on a coach with little comfort nor warmth, arriving and […]

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Seeing Sydney

First up on the grand ol’ adventure is the City of Sydney. I was only here for 5 days, but I got a good feel for the city and they way they go about things. And oh my god is it vast.  Sydney just goes on…and on and on. Downtown is a maze of 20 story towers, […]

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