An Outlook on Things

We all know nothing.

This state, even after the things we do, and achieve, and learn and act on, does not change.

The more we learn, the more we push the boundaries back around us, the more we discover that needs to be learned again. The process is never ending.

So does that mean it is fruitless?

Not at all.

In fact, it’s this process that makes it worthwhile. Because in all that time, we are growing, and we are changing, becoming something more, and something better.

While in the grand scheme we may discover the origin of the furthest stars, and the meaning behind our lives here on this Earth, there will be more boundaries, more walls, more unknowns to conquer.

And by the end of our journey, when our time is done, our children have to learn what we learned, and repeat the whole process again.

It must seem like a curse, to watch the next generation repeat the same mistakes in that journey. It’s painful to see the previous generation fail to act on something so obvious to us with our knowledge.

The cycle repeats, again and again. And piece by piece, we as a people, as a species, are mapping the universe. And by extension, mapping ourselves.

It may hurt. It may cause us delight, may cause us heartache and frustration.

But in the end, when our time is done, we will look back on all we have done, and learned, and loved, and smile. In the end, it isn’t the sum of what we know that matters. It’s what we did to get there, how we did it and what we did with it that matters.

So what will we do now? What horizon will we chase today? And what will we discover on the other side?


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