If you must know, I am a 24 year old analyst working as a contractor out of some utilities company down in the wonderful part of the world known as South Wales.

I graduated in 2013 with a 2:1 in physics in Swansea (just don’t ask me too much about it – the details elude me now) and wandered the country in the vain hope of finding someone to employ.

Unfortunately for them, they did, and now I toil away in some office for the pay check to live off of.

I write because I enjoy it, and because I like to observe the world from my particular viewpoint.

Am I biased? Of course. Everyone is to an extent, but I’ll try to be neutral where I can.

Will my beliefs, viewpoints and political ideas bother you? Probably. If they do, I hope you can engage in debate and not vitriol. The latter is just going to solidify both our positions with nothing gained on either side. I’d like to think all people from all backgrounds can grant insight into each other’s lives if they chose to hear the other  side, the alternate angle on a given position.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy what’s here.


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