Reflections on a Year of Change

Life’s a weird beast. It’s everything we are, were and everything we’re going to be. It’s all the days we wish happened, and all the days that did, for everyone and everything around us. Sometimes, you have everything you ever wanted. The next day, it feels empty, like it’s just a hologram, an empty reflection. […]

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Forgetting to Remember

This is a re-post of a previous piece I did two years ago from my old blog ( I’m pretty proud of this one, so I’m sharing it again as I feel it fits the theme of what I’m trying to do with Observations from Afar.   So this weekend was Tankfest. For those that […]

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Surfing and Byron Bay

Another week, another set of changes. I left Sydney behind, moving onto Spot X, near Woolgoolga (no I did not have a stroke – that’s the name). And it looks a little like this: Pure Paradise this. After 10 hours in the night, where you’re on a coach with little comfort nor warmth, arriving and […]

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