Reflections as an Outsider

It’s a bit of an over the top title, but in this quiet, peaceful period of my life I’ve taken to reflecting on some of my life growing up. That’s not to say I’m a Richard Branson-like figure of Rags to Riches brilliance whose every life detail needs to be documented. Rather it’s more an […]

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The Importance of Failing

A long time ago, in a city not really that far away, I used to study Physics. It’s a particular point I’m rather proud of, because most people upon hearing that you studied such a difficult subject tend to have different reactions. Surprise, that your Neath born and bred backside is doing something rather out […]

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There’s this dream I keep having. Never was one for the importance of them, apart from the ones that scared the piss out of me, or the ones that were kinda fucked up. Mostly dreams were this topic that you’d throw up to inevitably bore the person you were talking to because there wasn’t much […]

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Reminiscing in the Rain

Rain has a certain impact on the soul. For many its a inconvenience, damp weather ruining an otherwise decent day, or stopping the world from spinning on your schedule. For myself, it’s a reprieve from all things, a sense the world ceases in an instant. Time frozen in teardrops, clouds blocking out the spin and […]

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Seeing Sydney

First up on the grand ol’ adventure is the City of Sydney. I was only here for 5 days, but I got a good feel for the city and they way they go about things. And oh my god is it vast.  Sydney just goes on…and on and on. Downtown is a maze of 20 story towers, […]

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