A Picture Says a Thousand Words

So some nutter went mental in the heart of London the other day, causing some mischief, grief, violence and trouble for quite a considerable number of people. An act of violence, mindless and without any real goal or purpose beyond mayhem. Erm, except there might be, because Islam. Yes it may come from ideological/cultural backgrounds […]

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Reflections on a Year of Change

Life’s a weird beast. It’s everything we are, were and everything we’re going to be. It’s all the days we wish happened, and all the days that did, for everyone and everything around us. Sometimes, you have everything you ever wanted. The next day, it feels empty, like it’s just a hologram, an empty reflection. […]

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  What drives us? What’s the mechanism that makes us choose a path? That decision which makes us unique? Do we wake up asleep and let all that happens around us be a quirk of fate, or do we take ownership over our lives? Why do we do the things we do? What makes us […]

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The Illusion of Freedom

With recent events going on across the world regarding sovereignty, the nature of freedom, free markets and the threat of far right movements, it felt relevant to offer some thoughts about the nature of freedom itself. I want to discuss this because there’s a growing resentment across western societies (the US and the UK in […]

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