The Ebb and Flow of Friendships

Life can sometimes feel like an untamed beast. We’re all making a way through the world, trying to find the way that makes sense, that works and brings joy/happiness/peace, or whatever you need, in our lives. In that pursuit, we meet people that we click and connect with. People we find burn bright like beacons, […]

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Divide and conquer

Brexit. Think of the word for a moment. “British Exit”. Exit from the European Union. A simple compound of two words. Yet, it carries the weight of toxicity and division. The word sends a signal through people – one of belief, one of betrayal, one of doubt, one of shame. A signal that, after three […]

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Music and Resonance

  When I was young, and played Oblivion, I heard a piece of music for the first time that hit me like a truck. 15 year old me was a whiny, angry gaming geek who shut himself away from the world for a while. My taste in music was lost Prophets and Boomfunk MC. It […]

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Don’t Take It Personally

I don’t write about the strange job I do for a reason. Most of the time its straightforward and kind of incomprehensible outside of the offices I dwell. When it isn’t,  its stressful as that’s when my particular role is most required. But the last week of my job was by far and away, the […]

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War, Peace and Remembering

Recently, it was Remembrance Sunday. A sombre day, one of mourning, one of honouring the fallen. One where we remember the stories of fallen soldiers, sons and daughters committed to war during a century of violence. To commemorate I threw this up on Facebook: “It’s Remembrance Day. They gave their tomorrow for our today. We […]

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