Don’t Take It Personally

I don’t write about the strange job I do for a reason. Most of the time its straightforward and kind of incomprehensible outside of the offices I dwell. When it isn’t,  its stressful as that’s when my particular role is most required. But the last week of my job was by far and away, the […]

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War, Peace and Remembering

Recently, it was Remembrance Sunday. A sombre day, one of mourning, one of honouring the fallen. One where we remember the stories of fallen soldiers, sons and daughters committed to war during a century of violence. To commemorate I threw this up on Facebook: “It’s Remembrance Day. They gave their tomorrow for our today. We […]

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The Power of Outrage

Today’s world is one where the truth doesn’t matter and everything’s a bit shit. It’s also a world of unparalleled technological change and growth, where even in the space of a year a new tech company can find itself irrelevant in the next heartbeat. It is a space of rapid change. It is also a […]

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Reflections as an Outsider

It’s a bit of an over the top title, but in this quiet, peaceful period of my life I’ve taken to reflecting on some of my life growing up. That’s not to say I’m a Richard Branson-like figure of Rags to Riches brilliance whose every life detail needs to be documented. Rather it’s more an […]

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The Importance of Failing

A long time ago, in a city not really that far away, I used to study Physics. It’s a particular point I’m rather proud of, because most people upon hearing that you studied such a difficult subject tend to have different reactions. Surprise, that your Neath born and bred backside is doing something rather out […]

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